Hugo’s Baptism

Here we are as a family together last Sunday to celebrate Baptism of the youngest member Hugo, who is now a very bonny 6 month old

The plan was for the church service at St Mary’s Penmark where generations of the Jones and Boothby families have worshiped and been christened, married (and indeed buried) followed by a celebration tea for family and friends at the Castle.

It didn’t start too well: when we got out the beautiful antique lace and linen robe that had been loving cleaned and laid ready for the day and tried to get Hugo into it…it didn’t fit!  It turns out that Victorian children were typically baptised much earlier in their lives than modern children (we think it must have been linked to infant mortality) and of course were much smaller in general than today’s babies. Either way, Hugo’s arms were NOT going into the robe! However we took a deep breath, hid from Hugo’s grandmother, did a little judicious snipping with the nail scissors and he was in at last. 

After that, it was plain sailing, off we all trooped to church for a lovely ceremony by Canon Derek Belcher (during which Lady Boothby had to lift about 6 small children so they could peer excitedly into the font) and off home to delicious afternoon tea prepared by our Castle cook Annabel Henderson with tiny sandwiches, mini meringues and a home made cake, washed down with lots of tea and a glass of champagne to toast the young man

A Happy Day all round – we are delighted to welcome other families for celebrations following a baptism and can provide packages for the day – though we do suggest you bring your own, more appropriately sized, christening robes !

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