Fame & Fortune…..

…….well we will have to settle for just fame !

So as you may have seen, Fonmon recently appeared in three of the BBC’s Coastal Lives programs (here’s a little clip)   – Sir Brooke featured a lot, along with myself and my little daughter Aian. However – it was the head of the family people seemed to recognise and he has been stopped no less than twice whilst out and about round the Vale on his shopping trips:

Firstly in B&Q Cardiff where he got stopped in the car park “You’re that man growing pumpkins on the television aren’t you?”  Surprised stout party “er Yes one of them ……”  Pleasant conversation followed about gardening.

Then one afternoon in Lidl, a rather louder “You’re that castle man on the telly aren’t you?”.   Even more surprised stout party “er Yes”.  Loud voice “Didn’t think people like you shopped with us.” 

He pretends to be embarrassed but we all know he is secretly delighted!!!

Its going to get worse now as the BBC are back with us filming Sir Brooke growing giant pumpkins for the Vale Show to do battle for a second time with Phillip Vowles the champion veg grower this Summer

Perhaps he needs an agent…..