Food for thought

We see many different types of wedding food at Fonmon, mostly delivered by our excellent caterers The Really Fresh Food Company but recently we have seen a trend for more relaxed and informal dining styles.

vintage china

Afternoon or High Tea  has become a popular option with a luxurious spread of bite sized cakes, scones and delicious sandwiches accompanied by champagne and wine as well as pots of tea itself. For something more substantial you can perhaps add more savoury dishes such a pate and toast or mini tarts, quiches and pies

The key to a lovely vintage tea is the small bites and lovely presentation . To add to the authentic, lady like feel you can hire gorgeous mismatched vintage china – locally we have the lovely La di Da Vintage china hire in Porthcawl and the Vintage Crockery Cupboard in Llantwit Major


For a more traditional formal seated meal one trend I personally really like is having simpler styles of food shared and passed around in bowls between guests so perhaps  in summer you might have cold meat, chicken or salmon ready plated and then share a selection of delicious salads, new potatoes and breads. In winter you can serve more roast meats with hearty potato and vegetable dishes. That way your guests can also pick lots of what they love and less of what they don’t.

I recently attended a wedding where each table had joints of cold meat and poultry delivered and 1 guest per table was the nominated carver who had to deliver the slices to his fellow diners – this was a really nice touch and especially clever if you want to mix guests up who don’t know each other too well. Being asked “leg or breast?” by your fellow diners generally raises a smile from most people!

What ever you choose – remember to think about timings. If your ceremony is at midday, chances are your guests wont have had lunch and come early afternoon they will be hungry. Ditto if you meal is later afternoon and you are having a later buffet for evening guests, consider how hungry your day guests will actually be if you treated them to a huge feast just hours earlier.


Lastly – don’t forget the littlies – a hungry child is an unhappy one, so consider having a few snacks on side to fill the gaps for your bridesmaids, pages and any mini guests. Perhaps you might want to do smaller portions or even more kiddie friendly menu choices if you have lots of little ones to cater for. 

Think about what time they should eat, should it be earlier than the main meal or can they hang on and eat with you? What ever you do, keep little tummies well filled….they and their parents will surely thank you for it !

Happy Eating !!