Good Evening and Good Night

What makes an amazing wedding? The one that you remember for years afterwards…….

There are so many elements that come together for the perfect day, but I do think that the evening element of the reception is an especially important one, as its the last thing your guests will remember before they leave and if, you have evening only guests, it will be their whole experience of the day.

Weddings in the 21st century are a long affair, gone is the time of a quick church service and a polite cup of tea with a slice of wedding cake afterwards. These days a wedding can last 12 or more hours and so, here are a few tips on how to stop your guests flagging (or worse, heading home early) as the day draws on

1) Food Glorious Food

Feed your guests later on in the evening, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate full meal as many will have already enjoyed a three course feast at the wedding breakfast but do fill  them up if you can.

Cheese buffetIf you are inviting people for just the evening party then you may want to offer something a bit more substantial such as a cold buffet or hog roast accompanied with salads. Our catering companies, Spiros and Really Fresh can offer you lots of inspiration – what about a Welsh Finger Buffet or a freshly carved cold beef joint for a luxury feast.

If you are just giving your guests something to snack on in the evening, then a lighter option can often work better – remember you want them quick on their feet for the dancing ! Sometimes serving a cheese and biscuits course away from the main meal can be the perfect answer, I also like the fact that its savoury which provides a nice balance to the sweetness of the wine and champagne you have been drinking. You can of course add fruit such as apples and grapes, celery and chutneys to your buffet which helps make a pretty table as well.

One of my most favourite weddings, they served tiny bacon and sausage butties at 10pm. Just bite sized and perfect, they were literally devoured by the guests, I think my husband ate ten!

2) Music

This is all important, you want people to stay on the dance floor all night. Plan to have “ebbs and flows” to your music to give people time to rest, catch their breath and have a drink.dancing

Work with your DJ – give him your running order and plan  to have a real selection of floor fillers to get everyone back out dancing after key events such as when you leave or when the evening buffet is served

Be selfless in your music tastes – you might really love a certain genre but not everything is easy to dance to, so think whether that’s going to get everyone out of their seats.

In my book, a little bit of “easy cheesy” music never goes amiss at a wedding!

Have a last song and have the band or DJ let everyone know when he plays it.  Save the “anthems” until last, we might deny it, but there is still something wonderful about singing your head off with your family and friends to a favourite tune at the end of the night or dancing together to a really great song.

3) This is the end, beautiful friends

You need to let your guests know when to close the night so that you can finish on a high note.

taxiBe clear on your invitation when they should aim to leave, the old fashioned way used to be “carriages at midnight” or whatever time, which I always think is rather romantic, but you might fancy some more contemporary wording. Either way, let them know when you expect them to head off, there is nothing worse than waiting for ages to go home at the end of a brilliant night because you booked your taxi for the wrong time!

Make sure you know from the Fonmon team when the licensing laws mean we have to legally close the bar and end the music as it varies by day of the week. Aim to arrange everything backwards from these times, because we HAVE to obey the law and you want people to be happy but ready to go home, rather than being taken by surprise and yelling for one more song or one last pint!

So those are my humble tips for finishing your day off as brilliantly as it started

Have fun !

Kệ hồ sơ