Happy Feet

We often get asked what our best tips are for wedding couples – so here is mine….Footwear !!!

When you plan your wedding ladies, think about your feet – because you will be on them a LOOOONG time!high heels

If you are the kind of girl (like me) who finds anything over a small wedge heel daunting, please don’t decide that, just for your wedding day, those 4 inch platform spike heels are for you – your poor feet wont thank you for it. Even if you are high heel queen, remember that you will be wearing those babies for up to 14 hours straight so they’d better be up to the job

You don’t even want to have to think about your feet as you smile, glide, dance and party your way through the biggest day of your life – a teetering, wobbling girl in abject agony just isn’t chic!

So brides and bridesmaids, by all means, pick some pretty dainty shoes that make you feel special but make sure they fit really well and that you have worn them in a little before the big day (a nice session trotting round the house for a few hours while your other half is out normally does the trick). If you fall in love with a dream pair of shoes that you are determined to wear but aren’t 100% confident of their comfy factor, have a back up pair that you trust tucked away for the evening after the photos.

sparkly flopsOne of our cleverest, most organised and resourceful brides went one further – not only did she equip herself and her bridesmaids with sparkly ballet slippers for the evening, she provided a box of jewelled flip flops in her wedding colours for the guests – as you can imagine they proved very popular indeed come the dancing!

So that’s one of my best tips, both as a venue owner and a bride – happy feet !

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