One of the most interesting Castle in Wales – take a guided discovery of our fascinating history

The founders of Fonmon can be traced back to the time of William the Coat of ArmsConqueror.

On your tour you will hear of the different ways of life and see the different styles of living which have emerged and overlapped as the centuries have passed. See the small stone ceiling from the 13th century; portraits and paintings dating from the 16th century onward; the 17th century Old Kitchen; the 18thcentury gilt; plasterwork Library and mementoes of the 20th.

Before or after your tour, enjoy a stroll around the gardens to see trees from the 19th century, the walled gardens and watch tower. Following is brief overview of Fonmon Castle and the public guided tour.

We also welcome researchers and educational groups at almost any time but these need to be arranged prior to the visit.

The Hall

The Hall is a two story space created from four rooms of the early castle. The two ceilings have rococo plasterwork and light is provided by a beautiful Georgian crystal chandelier.

The walls are lined with paintings, mostly portraits of family members such as of Colonel Philip and his descendants including Robert Jones III painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

The Drawing Room

This is a rectangular, south facing room, again formed out of two rooms of the early castle. It has a fine rococo ceiling in the smaller of the two original rooms and a plain ceiling in the other.

The Drawing Room was once used as a meeting room by John and Charles Wesley. Hanging in this room are portraits of ancestors, the first of whom is reputed to have come from Denmark as long ago as 870 AD.

The Library

Library Books - eleanor jane photgraphy

Robert Jones III great creation was the beautiful Library. This is the principal room of the house.

It was formed in 1760 from two of the oldest rooms in the castle and is sumptuously decorated with rococo plasterwork and gilded mirrors and fireplaces.

It houses the book collections of both the Jones and Boothby families that contains rare and aged volumes dating back to the 15th Century.


The Old Kitchen

pewter plates close up

When the kitchen was built by Colonel Philip in the 1650’s it was described as “ye largeste kitchen of ye inhabited castle of ye kingedom” and was used as a working kitchen for almost 300 years.

The room is dominated by the huge dresser over 5m long on which is displayed some of the family pewter. Old kitchen fittings and fixtures are evident everywhere and a small collection of weapons hangs on one frame.

There are many other ancient and interesting features to see during a visit to Fonmon

Come and visit the Castle during our Public Opening season to experience the wonderful rooms and fascinating history for yourself, dates and details can be found here